Best Side Hustle Ideas for Retirees

Side hustles are often presented as a way to add a second source of income, but you don’t have to have a full-time job to start looking into additional opportunities. In fact, retirees often have more time to invest in side hustles and can therefore make even more money.

This list will cover a few of the best side hustles for those interested in earning some cash after retiring. Many of these ideas only require a small amount of work once you get started, helping you maintain a sustainable income without having to work long hours.

Taking Care of Pets

There’s always a demand for reliable petsitters, and a growing number of apps and websites connect sitters with pet owners. You can take jobs as often or as rarely as fits your schedule, so there’s no commitment involved.

many retirees are making their side hustle a dog watching career

Depending on the specific contract, you may be asked to check in with the client’s pet, take them on walks, feed them, and perform any other routine tasks. Again, you can decide which contracts are convenient for you.

Furthermore, you can also work as a dog walker through Wag! and similar apps. This is a great way to stay active while earning some extra money, and it offers the same flexible scheduling options.

While you can find work using a website or app, you can also look for pet owners in your area by contacting friends or family or posting on local listings. These earnings won’t be subject to fees or other charges, and this makes it easier to find clients you trust.

In addition to pet-related contracts, house-sitting is also a common side hustle that can turn into a long-term option. You can even find free places to stay if you’re willing to work around the resident’s schedule and take care of a few things around the house.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are intended for medical research, but you can make a surprising amount of money by participating in studies you’re eligible for. Some trials are as simple as measuring certain behaviors like sleep or diet, while others may ask you to take specific medications based on your current health situation.

senior clinical sleep trials that pay

It’s easiest to participate in clinical trials if you live near a university that focuses on research. Many opportunities pay at or above minimum wage, and they’re typically relatively simple, so this is a great option if you’re interested in earning some extra cash but don’t want to feel like you’re going back to work.

Renting Space

Retirees often have a significant amount of extra space in their homes, and it’s easy to turn even a small area into a significant source of income. Of course, your income will depend on the size and quality of your space as well as demand in your area.

a side hustle for retirees can even be making money through renting out space

The simplest way to rent out space in your home is to offer it for storage, allowing you to earn money for essentially no work outside of the beginning and end of the agreement. On the other hand, your earnings will be more limited if you choose to list your space as storage.

That said, some people prefer to get a better value out of their space by putting it on a website like Airbnb. While you’ll spend more time managing the room as a short-term rental, you’ll also have the opportunity to substantially increase your earnings.

Regardless of how you choose to rent space in your home, it’s much easier to make money off your existing resources than to work for it in retirement. Renters are interested in a safe, clean, and well-maintained space, so you can generate a consistent income as long as you perform reasonable maintenance and upkeep.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are often full-time employees or freelancers, but there’s no reason why you can’t use this as a gig for part-time or side hustle money. Furthermore, virtual assistant work can usually be performed at home on a somewhat flexible schedule, so it’s often more convenient than similarly high-impact positions.

retirees can have a side hustle being a virtual assistant to make money

As a virtual assistant, you could be responsible for anything from making social media posts to creating graphics for a website or contacting clients. It’s typically easy to find new jobs once you’ve established a successful history as a virtual assistant.

If you’re interested in working in a specific area that virtual assistants cover, there are also jobs available for social media managers, copywriters, graphic designers, and more. Experienced specialists can generally command a higher salary than those that manage a wider range of tasks.

People interested in performing services for businesses should consider services like Upwork and Fiverr that connect businesses with contractors and facilitate transactions. These allow you to set your own rates and work on ongoing arrangements for a more consistent income.

Substitute Teaching

Teaching obviously isn’t for everyone, but working as a substitute allows you to help kids learn without committing to a year-long schedule or managing the more complicated aspects of teaching. This is another perfect option for retirees who value the ability to set their own hours.

seniors make money in retirement through teaching side hustle

There aren’t any federal requirements involved in becoming a substitute teacher, although certain states have their own rules. Furthermore, individual districts, schools, and even substitute teaching organizations may set their own standards, so make sure to check regulations in your area.

In New York State, for example, anyone can legally become a substitute teacher, but Swing Education and other companies ask for at least a bachelor’s degree. Assuming you meet the requirements, simply apply to your local district and see if they ask you to come in. You don’t have to be a former teacher to have a great time as a substitute.

Many retirees are looking for ways to supplement their retirement income, but you probably don’t want to go back to your old job. These are just some of the most manageable side hustles for people who want to add to their retirement funds on a flexible schedule.

Do you have a side hustle to supplement your retirement income? Let us know in the comments below.

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